IBAV-BAILO SRL carries out severe quality checks to guarantee their products to be in compliance with the latest regulations.
The main checks are the following:
Quality check carried out by means of accurate tests at the arrival of each lot of goods.
Hygiene / sanitary safety check carried out by means of a self-test system according to the law number 537 dated 30/12/1992 integrated with the haccp method according to the law number 155 dated 26/05/1997 and relative handbook.
The critical check points have been localized and consequently the monitoring criteria have been established.
Procedures to clean both building and tools have been established, including handling of products (arrival, loading, unloading, any products non-in-conformity, unpacking, re-packing, any working required, shipment), hygiene of the personnel and disinfections.
The self-test system is managed in convention with the recognized Laboratory of Analysis "Del Santo snc" located in Santa Giustina in Colle (PD) and is controlled by the local Veterinary Authority ASL-n° 15 "Alta Padovana".