Quality, seriousness and service are the main standards over which IBAV BAILO SRL has always focused its activity. Over the years the constant presence of these standards made the firm qualify and distinguish in the market of salted natural casings.
Seriousness stands for the ability to supply the right product for the sausages to produce; it means to guarantee the product from the moment it is sold until it is used, it also means to be available in order to find the best solutions for any problems the client might have and finally consider the collaboration with the client more important than the mere sale of the products.

Thanks to its flexibility, together with a long traditional family business and a continuous commitment to keep high qualitative standards, IBAV-BAILO SRL is nowadays able to meet any clients' needs; from big sausage makers to the small butchers, from wholesalers bearing an EC number, to dealers who transport packed casings from their warehouse to the final users. Consequently, IBAV-BAILO SRL focuses its activity to the preparation and checking of goods, in respect to the different clients' needs.